HighPass Consulting

HighPass Consulting helps Private, Public and 3rd sector companies, expand their product uptake, deliver software efficiencies so organisations can work smarter, easier and quicker to enable them to achieve their next goal. 

Making technology work around you

Let's face it, everyone that has that entrepreneurial spirit wants to do one thing and that's provide for their customers. Whether you are a sole-trader providing your amazing customers with a skill you've fine tuned over years or you are a group start-up with an incredible idea that you think is going to wow people. 

So you want to focus on your product or your service whatever it is that you excel at and that is amazing why wouldn't you, that's what makes you unique. Setting up a website, having the right technology or even knowing what things you need to do in those early phases of business can be daunting. 

Let me help you, I can not only set up you with a email address that will give you that professional image, I can build you a website and manage it for you so you can carry on brewing those coffees or fixing the plumbing or carpentering your latest masterpiece. 

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